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Why attend Own Your Greatness for Women 2020?


Be inspired, be empowered be you.

Redefining Strength, Courage and Power in Women

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By engaging with other purposeful, forward-thinking, heart-centered thought leaders in this space, YOU will:

  • Create transformational strategies that master your personal power.
  • Conquer the 0ne Battle You Need To Win Every Day.
  • Build your personal and professional strengths with strategies and tools
  • Strengthen your resolve and help conquer your objectives with more energy, determination, and focus. Intensify your professional advantage
  • Upgrade your mindset resulting in prosperous relationships, quality work and a feeling of connectedness. Increase your credibility with three believability styles that influence and builds productive relationships.
  • Integrate strategies & tools to help you leverage resources to inspire, influence and impact your teams and organization, while elevating your own growth to the next level.
  • Master professional networking connections through relationship building and discovery exercises
  • Bringing together inspiring speakers who are successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders

Professional and personal growth and development are a big topic nowadays. From seminars to books and lectures, it’s easy to find helpful information on how to better improve yourself. The big question is why attend professional development events when there is so much reading material available online or at your local library or bookstore?

Speed business meeting is a meeting format designed to accelerate business contacts.

Speed business meeting involves participants to gathering together to exchange information. Participants greet each other in a series of brief exchanges during a set period of time. During an interaction, participants share their professional backgrounds and business goals. Speed business meeting optimizes your exposure to new markets and/or expanding their pool of contacts.

The Opportunity to Ask Your Questions Directly

Attending this live event means you get to meet the speakers and take this opportunity to settle all the doubts you may have and ask as many questions as you can. This event will feature opportunities throughout the day to ask questions, so make sure you take your notes. Your poignant and interesting questions which can be of value to you and to the other members of the summit.

Have Fun and Network

This “Be the Leaders Women’s Summit” event will be filled with fun and energy! If you have attended one before you will know what we are talking about. The energy level is crazy. It will be a fun day where you can be in contact with different ideas and people. Make sure you have an open mind and a willingness to learn as soon as you step into the door and you will see how life-altering these events can be. One of the unique element of the networking piece throughout the day is the exchange of your information with all the participants. Your business card will be added to a special gift bag for all participants at the beginning of the day so that you can focus on strengthening relationship building. In addition, there will be an impact networking lesion included in the event.

Further Educate Yourself

Taking the time to attend this event will give you the opportunity to further educate yourself on a particular topic you may be interested in, or even know more about a topic you are curious about. We should never stop learning, and a good way to do so is to attend live events. What’s new is the “Bite Sized Learning” piece where you participate in the lesson with other participants of the day to help increase learning and strengthen relationship building.

Meet Like-minded Individuals

Live events are a great opportunity to meet people with the same philosophy or life goal as you. Make sure you mingle and talk to people who seem as interested as you, in order to make new connections and maybe even friendships. Live events are a great way to share your personal experience, as well as listening to others’. Who knows, maybe you will find your new business partner

Be in Contact with Something New

You will learn more about how to achieve whatever it is you desire. You may have an interest in the specific topic under discussion. This is a great way to be in contact with not only people with a different goal or mindset as you, but maybe even an opportunity for you to find a new way to look at your own business or life.

These were just a few reasons why you should attend this fantastic event, there are so many more reasons to attend.

If there’s one last tip I can give you, it’s this: find a topic you are passionate about, buy your ticket, and get ready for a high energy, fun yet educational day!