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Strategic Planning 

Develop a Profit system.

As an entrepreneur or professional growing business and creating an outstanding organization is paramount. In business, it is important to assess, define, and implement business systems development. Every aspect of the business should have a system in place to leverage and gauge performance, productivity, effectiveness, and growth. With established systems, the entrepreneur is ensuring that every part of the business is being used to its full potential and there is a control direction.

In a nutshell, business system development employs change management that identify the business needs and organizational improvements needed. Learn to develop road map to more money and success. Business systems development designs a solution and a workable system to implement those changes, train and motivate others to use the business systems.

The 5 Key Business Systems are:

1) Brand

2) Marketing

2) Sales

3) Accounting

4) Customer Satisfaction

5) Practical Leadership

There are five key business systems that holds every successful business together. Think of your business systems like pieces of a puzzle. Each one supports the other and holds the whole structure together. Weak business systems or no systems is similar to when pulling the (blocks) business systems out and replacing them on the top unbalanced and weak.. Keep the business tower strong and functional all five systems must be in place and working together.

Brand Just like a rock star individual and business presence is your professional brand that you convey. You are your company, business or organization! It is how your customers and stakeholders perceive you. When determining if a customer will work with you they will ask "Can I trust you " and "Can you do the job." This is all determined by your executive presence. As a leader are you an executive, who can take charge, be believable, influence others and light up room. Whether you think of it as presence, charisma, or charm, it's the elusive ability to inspire confidence, enthusiasm and motivate others. A 2011 study conducted by Harvard University, Stanford Research Institute, and the Carnegie Foundation showed that 85% of our future success depends on social skills.. Now is the time to harnessing the power of your executive, professional presence that determines your success in your career and business.

Marketing System If you do not tell me where you are how will I know to buy your products and services. Marketing system is essential to the organizations growth because that is how to tell customers your organization exists. By systematize marketing systems to make sure they are effective and the organization is getting a good return now have a business brings sales in rather than mounting expenses.

Sales System Avoid an extremely difficult financial situation by systematizing sales and increase the sales amount This is where the money comes in. The marketing systems and sales system run hand in hand; they cannot work without each other.

Accounting System For business to stay profitable and functional well, the organization has to have your accounting practices standardized and easy to follow. A disorganized accounting system has caused so many other system failures, and business loses.

Customer Satisfaction System Products and services must flow to customers efficiently and consistently. Customer Satisfaction systems must be organized and customized for each business. Importantly is the customer experience and customer service systems. Remove stress with a step by step system for satisfying the needs of customers, the positive customer experience and how good and services are handle and flow.

Practical Leadership System Leadership and management practices are the glue that holds all your systems in place and provides the oil to make sure all systems run smoothly. Avoid weak systems and system breakdown which causes financial loss a strong leadership system is necessary. Stress from employees can be the most difficult to manage for anyone in a leadership position. According to an article written in 2005, employers were complaining about the lack of interpersonal communication skills their job applicants had, and communications skills have consequently pushed to the top of the list of qualities required of employees. (McKay, 2005). The importance to implementing a management plan to lead the team to successful performance and growth is essential to the leadership system.

Ultimately we must set ourselves and the organization up for success. To goal is to make much more profit and save thousands of dollars that will benefit any business owner, manager, entrepreneur, or professional.


Systems development are opportunities to increase focus, troubleshoot challenges and opportunities, and demonstrate accountability


Time Team and Money- Winning the battle.

Be in LOVE – motivation, passion and purpose..

Let’s make some money.- Growth and Profit.

Customers are king.

High Performance Team Development

Develop a value asset business.

Take time for you. Achieve work live balance.


We offer a customized systems development, strategic planning, and business improvement through training and coaching you will learn techniques and strategies that will exponentially increase profits while building a more sell-able business so you can enjoy more free time and a more fulfilling life—personally and professionally. Through a combination of telephone, webinar, Skype and in-person support, receive a personalized support from a mentor who understands the challenges that you face.