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Powered By Jessica

Business Development​

Powered by Jessica provides Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Managers and their teams

a customized program that focuses on leadership, performance, and profit. 


Become the leader that your business needs:

  • Achieve absolute clarity on business development and systems strategy.
  • Understanding values passion and purpose
  • Implement strategies and organizational development.
  • Grow business with an annual business development plan.
  • Manage yourself and empower staff to take responsibility for growth.
  • Transforming frustrations into solutions. 


Create a high performance environment

  • Developing and implementing organizational success systems.
  • Culture development for success employees
  • Drive staff productivity
  • Create relationships that work.
  • Create environment that enables growth.
  • Work with excellence.
  • Make the most out of your market.
  • Create the ultimate client experience.


Uncover new areas for more profit within your existing business.

  • Eliminate inefficiency and waste
  • Move beyond customer service and developing a customer satisfaction system for better referrals and retention.
  • Attractt new clients
  • Track, evaluate and increase customer loyalty
  • Discover new ways to compete in a changing economy
  • Develop a highly-profitable sales program
  • Creating and implementing you marketing engine.
  • Social media plan.

Strategic Business Systems

Leverage your business to gauge performance, productivity, effectiveness, and growth to solidify your success. In a nutshell, business system development employs change management that identifies the business needs and organizational improvements needed. Learn to develop road map to more money and success. Business systems development designs a solution and a workable system to implement those changes, train, and motivate others to use the business systems. Learn More

Programs are customize and includes a comprehensive development plan that holds you and your team accountable for the results. Jessica understands the frustrations of entrepreneurs and professionals because she has experienced them herself first hand with all her business experience she can help turn your frustrations into solutions. The decision to develop a sound strategic sales and marketing plan will allow a personal and professional competitive advantage and build a strong and long lasting foundation.

Now is the time to protect and strengthen your business.

How we do this we provide the information to help you develop and implement

  • Working sales and marketing plan gears towards growth and productivity.
  • Customer analysis and Competitor analysis
  • SWOT analysis (Strengths & Weaknesses from an internal perspective, and Opportunities & Threats from an external perspective).
  • Development of customer satisfaction plan
  • Product/service strategy.
  • Marketing, sales and branding plan
  • Selling your business apart from the rest.
  • Staffing that work including organizational and recruitment
  • Sales System Analysis and development
  • Operational systems and standards development
  • Leadership and management development.
  • Customer Satisfaction system for customer retention and growth.
  • Financial Profit Plan
  • Civility Initiative
  • And Much more