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Powered By Jessica

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To remain competitive in a global marketplace ad mist constant changing environments, small business need to accelerate their ability to learn and grow and keep up to the pace of things with a lowered time and money investment. The Sales and Marketing Accelerator provides tools, incites and strategies to have an annual sales and marketing plan that will use that accommodates needs. Powered by Jessica will help prioritize the tough decisions to stay focused on goals. We hold you accountable to creating a customized plan that’s flexible and achievable that will be applied to your organization with immediate results.

The Sales and Marketing Accelerators Program provides tried and tested sales and marketing methods how Jessica LoRusso built several million dollar businesses from the ground up. This online one on one program represents a fast track guide on setting results that focuses on a sales and marketing perspective of giving instead of getting. Jessica LoRusso has personally tested this system for over 16 years producing profits through impacting and helping others.

The Sales and Marketing Accelerator Program represents a guide and techniques for:

  • Business owners
  • Sales people
  • Managers
  • Employees working with customers.
  • Organizations struggling for the next level of business growth

Immediately start building your sales and marketing systems

to drive more customers into your business or workplace.

By incorporating some of the methods provided in this program you will acquire a results driven training and mentoring with supports, resources, and implementation, strategies including:

  • Understanding how personal branding affects your sales
  • Developing sales competence and applying sales competence tools.
  • Understanding how clients perceptions affect your business
  • Understanding the importance of goodwill and value are to your clients
  • Incorporating the Sales System.
  • Implementing a Relationship Marketing System and Creative Marketing Systems
  • Creating a workable sales and marketing system
  • Utilizing assessments, worksheets and other tools provided in this program.
  • Having supports to guide you with your process.

Choose from one on one coaching, group or retreat. Please inquire what is the best options for you.